Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to this space for expressing love and support

The Unitarian Universalist Association has opened this space for those who wish to express love and support for members and friends of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and the Westside Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. We grieve with the greater Knoxville community over the tragic loss of two individuals and the injuries suffered by six others. We know that, for those who survive, healing will take time, and will be nourished by love. In that spirit, with respect for one another, and kindness, we invite your contributions.

-- Deborah Weiner
UUA Director of Electronic Communication


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Paz Luz Amor said...

Mi Corazón Se Une A Vuestro Dolor.

La Paz Es El Camino.

No Al Odio. No Al Prejuicio.

Paz, Luz, y Amor Para Todos.

Islas Canarias. Europa.

Anonymous said...

We are with you. There is true evil in this world. Thankfully, there is also love, connection and beauty. I am so proud of the Knoxville congregation's response in the face of such evil. May you find some comfort and strength in knowing that you are not alone.
Kathy Cole
Neighborhood UU Church member
Pasadena, California

Peggy from Syracuse said...

The First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse, NY sends support, love and prayers to both Knoxville congregations. Our Lammas service on August 3rd honored the sacrifice and bravery of your members as part of our ritual. No words can describe either my sadness - or my pride in being with you in this important faith. Peggy Flanders, Syracuse, NY

Mujeeb Khan said...

The victims, their families, and members of the Unitarian Universalist Church are in our prayers. I recall how the Unitarian Church stood with American Muslims when they were subjected to hate crimes after 9-11only to fall victim themselves. May the Almighty bless you. It is revealing that in the room of the shooter were found three anti-liberal tracts by Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage which the police have seized as evidence indicating motive. Sadly, the Unitarian Church members were only the latest victims of an orchestrated hate campaign led by FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Glenn Beck,and Lou Dobbs to name only a few. When will we have an open denunciation of the hate mongering media outlets and their corporate sponsors who have made such bigotry "mainstream" in the world's most racially and religiously diverse country. Imagine if the shooter had been an American Muslim or Hispanic imagine he had written a hate filled justification clearly linked to incendiary anti-conservative writers-there would be a media frenzy about the terrorist danger and indoctrination overwhelming America. We learn much about our country not only from this hate crime but by the fact that there is not a broader outcry against the purveyors of ethnic and religious bigotry when the immediate source is a white rightwing Evangelical/nationalist male.

Mujeeb Khan
Doctoral Program
The Dept. of Political Science
The University of California-Berkeley

Becky said...

much love sent from us here in Franklin. I recently have started attending services and becoming part of the UU community because of the feelings of love and acceptance from all, and cannot bear the hatred in this crime... all we have is strength to offer and I share it with all who call upon it.
B. Armstrong

Susan-Lynn Johns said...

After reading many of the beautiful heart-felt expressions of sympathy on these pages, I wonder what I can possibly add that might speak to this terrible tragedy. My heart and mind will not let go of the image of the children, whose innocence has been shattered and whose lives have been irrevocably changed. May they find peace and some kind of understanding of an event of which they should never have been a part.

First Universalist Parish of Derby Line, VT, sits a few feet from the Canadian border, but since the Border Patrol is ever vigilant in its watch for terrorists, I've always felt safe within her walls. Now I wonder if I'll ever feel the same. This incident has shown that evil and destruction doesn't have to come from across borders.

May you always feel the comfort and strength of the roots that hold all of us close in loving community.

Susan-Lynn Johns
Acting President
Board of Trustees
First Universalist Parish
of Derby Line, VT

Anonymous said...

How hearbreaking. My condolences to the UUs in Knoxville.
Bruce Belknap
Ansbach, Germany

Marcella said...

Posting again to let you know you are not forgotten as time passes.

You are all still in my heart, here in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

It is still difficult for me to believe that there has been a shooting at a UU church. I feel that my own community has been attacked.

All of Unitarian Universalism is one family and we will stand together. We will not allow hate or terror to silence our voices or our message of love, tolerance, hospitality, and hope. Those who preach their message of hate will never conquer us or destroy our beliefs.

Greg McKendry is a true hero. He and all those who fought to stop this killer prove what true religious values are: selfless love for family, friends, and all others.

May the Spirit of Love surround you.

Ellen Schousboe
First Universalist, Minneapolis

Fr. Troy Beecham said...

I just heard about the shooting. The Lord bless and keep you all. You shall all remain in our prayers. We stand with you.

Kathleen Allan, Maine said...

I am still thinking of the children. Time has passed, yet I still carry you all, tucked up under my heart. You are not alone...and not forgotten.
Blessed Be.

Marcella said...

Just letting you all know that you are still being thought of. I hope that each person is healing in their own way -- individually, as families and friends, as congregations, as UUs, and as the greater community.

The process of healing is different for each person and each group. I send love and ask for Universal energy to be made available for each of you to draw on as you choose.

Allison Farnum said...

I am thinking of both of you at Westside and TVUUC as we are in the Days of Awe and approaching the day of atonement. The concepts are no longer so abstract to me when I think of your suffering and what this season might mean to your communities.

Kathy Cleary said...

Dear Mitra and Chris,
Our service today in Lexington, KY, was built around the anniversary of the tragedy that your congregations suffered one year ago. I wish both of you and your congregations a renewed commitment to our UU values and the strength to continue moving our UU message of love forward. Sending love and hugs to all,
Kathy Cleary

Gladney Flatt said...

If has been some time since your Peace was shattered.
We have not forgotten you.

You are our holy brothers and sisters.
We have not forgotten you.

Your sacred tapestry was ripped and torn.
We have not forgotten you.

We pray for your continued recovery.
We have not forgotten you.

Our hearts are with you.
We will never forget you.
We will always love you.

Gladney Flatt
First Unitarian Church of Dallas

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